Our consultancy includes the following in the scope of work


Architectural services

* A concept plan with mood boards
* Schematic plan/zoning plan
* 3D Elevation and Elevation GFC drawings, along with Material Specifications for Electrical and plumbing, with details

Structural services

* Centerline column planning
* Plinth Beam detail
* Lintel beam detail
* Floor Slab Detail/roof slab details
* Interior working drawings

Project management services

Site Engineer
Project Engineer
Project Manager.


Material Procurement
Dedicated QC With QC Management

Customer support:

* A dedicated Civil Engineer as a Project Coordinator
* WhatsApp groups and Email Communication until the Handover of Complaint resolution services
* 220 Quality Checklist and Material Procurement

Legal Guidance and Liasoning:

* Support in the court of law and local police stations
* Design Document
* Project Schedule with Daily Tracking
* Regular Work Progress Updates at the site
* Coordination and Support
* Construction Government Approvals
* Temporary Power and Water connections


Identifying the labor contractors and assigning them to the projects.
Background Clearance and Criminal Record of Contractor
Skillset Identification

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BOQ Model: Why have we chosen this model as the right fit for the Indian market?

The Indian construction market is diverse, and the building practices are complex, with regional variations in design, materials, and labour costs. The BOQ model allows for a detailed and accurate cost estimate that considers all these factors.

The BOQ model provides a detailed and transparent cost estimate, including all the necessary materials, labour, and other costs. It helps in the effective management of the project, enabling greater control over the project budget.

The BOQ model enables the comparison of different quotations from suppliers and contractors, ensuring the best value for money. This is important in the Indian market, where there is a wide range of material and labour costs.

The BOQ model can accommodate changes in the design or scope of work with relative ease, making it suitable for the Indian market, where changes are frequent due to complex building practices and regional variations.

In India, government tenders and contracts require a detailed BOQ, making it an essential requirement in the construction industry. In conclusion, the BOQ model is a suitable method for cost estimation in the Indian construction market due to its ability to accommodate complex and diverse building practices, provide detailed and transparent cost estimation, enable comparison of different quotations, provide flexibility in design changes, and meet requirements in government tenders and contracts.


Housejoy: Your Ultimate Destination for Construction?

Housejoy's ultimate priority is providing hassle-free, high-quality services to its customers with our team of experienced professionals and skilled workers for Construction of your dream home.

Under construction projects, Housejoy offers end-to-end services, including architectural design, structural engineering, building construction, and project management. In addition to construction and renovation, Housejoy provides other services like Interior design, Home Maintenance, Rentals, plots, and Construction Materials.

Overall, Housejoy is a one-stop solution for all your needs for Construction, Renovation, Interiors, Maintenance, Rentals, plots, and Buy/Sell. It focuses on delivering high-quality services tailored to the needs and preferences of each customer.

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Features of the BOQ model

The BOQ model provides a detailed list of all materials required for the construction project. It includes the exact quantities of each material needed as well as the rates and prices of each item.

The BOQ model also includes the labour required for each activity involved in the project. This is necessary for calculating the overall cost of the project, including the cost of labour

The BOQ model calculates the total cost of the project by multiplying the quantity of each material by its corresponding rate and then adding the labor and other costs.

The BOQ model provides a transparent and accurate cost estimate. It lists all the materials, quantities, and labour required for the project, which allows for easy tracking of the project budget and expenses.

The BOQ model allows for easy comparison of quotations from different suppliers and contractors. By listing all the materials, quantities, and rates required for the project, the BOQ model enables the comparison Of different quotations, ensuring the best value for money.

The BOQ model can accommodate changes in the design or scope of work with relative ease, making it suitable for projects that require modifications.

The BOQ model is a standardized method of cost estimation that allows for easy understanding and communication among different stakeholders involved in the project, such as contractors, architects, and clients.